Psychotherapy to the Core

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My goal as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist is to help you totally transform and resolve your difficulty, not just to provide strategies and techniques you can use to “manage the problem.”

Psychotherapy can help you experience a renewed sense of strength, solidness, meaning, and faith in your own power to improve your life and relationships.

My private practice is in Denver, Colorado, and I provide psychotherapy:

  • For adults, ages 18 and up
  • In individual therapy or couples therapy.
  • Using a simple method of tracking your satisfaction with the process and the effectiveness of therapy.
  • Session fee: $175 for 50 minutes (cash, check, V/MC).
  • Or consider my colleagues who also carefully track progress the way I do.

I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and trauma (depression and addiction are also common presenting complaints). My influences include the following therapies and theories (in no particular order):

  • Existential therapy
  • Body-centered therapy
  • Jungian theory
  • Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theory
  • Attachment theory
  • Gestalt therapy
  • Family & systems theory
  • Zen Buddhism
  • Object relations theory
  • Cognitive and behavioral theories

What is Psychotherapy?

Colorado law (C.R.S. 12-43-201§9) provides an official “state” definition:

“Psychotherapy” means the treatment, diagnosis, testing, assessment, or counseling in a professional relationship to assist individuals or groups to alleviate mental disorders, understand unconscious or conscious motivation, resolve emotional, relationship, or attitudinal conflicts, or modify behaviors which interfere with effective emotional, social, or intellectual functioning. Psychotherapy follows a planned procedure of intervention which takes place on a regular basis, over a period of time, or in the cases of testing, assessment, and brief psychotherapy, it can be a single intervention.