Psychotherapy to the Core

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Colorado Mental Health Statutes: Laws governing confidentiality and its limits, professional conduct, use of the title “psychologist,” and a definition of psychotherapy.

Colorado State Board of Psychologist Examiners: Information on licensure, grievances, and mental health law FAQs

The Denver Naturopathic Clinic, Denver, Colorado: Rena Bloom, ND and Jacob Schor, ND are renowned among doctors of naturopathy, and provide a sound, holistic, and conservative approach to naturopathic family medicine.

The Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change: A resource for critical reviews of what works in therapy, and how psychotherapists can increase their effectiveness, regardless of their theoretical orientation.

Jason Seidel’s 2006 article: Seidel, J.A. (2006, November-December). The survival of psychotherapy: How humanistic accountability will transform our profession and your practice. Colorado Psychological Association Bulletin, 34(7), 6-9. Reprinted in: (2006, November) The Clinical Practitioner, 1(4), 10-13. Available at
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Jason Seidel’s 2005 article: Seidel, J.A. (2005). Experience is a biochemical intervention: Reconceptualizating the “biologically based mental illness.” Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic, 69(2), 157-171.
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2005 article translated into Spanish: Seidel, J.A. (2005). La experiencia es una intervencin bioqumica: Una reconceptualizacin del trastorno mental con base biolgica, Revista de Psicoterapia (Psicoterapia, Neurobiologa, y Neurociencias), 16(61), 105-119.
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Jason Seidel’s 1998 Doctoral Paper: “Empirical Evidence Disconfirms the Biopsychiatric Ontology of Mental Disorders”
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Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (formerly Hakomi Somatics Institute): Professional training in somatic psychology, and trauma treatment. Education information and online trauma resources are searchable through the site.

The Sheldon Sowell Center for Health, Denver, Colorado: Jonathan Sheldon, MD and Heather Sowell, MD are nationally recognized family physicians with a uniquely comprehensive and personal practice. A remarkable model of humanism and care, and an oasis from the “factory medicine” so common these days.

South Carolina Client Network: A psychiatrist’s alternative, humanistic view of the medical model of mental illness:

Stanton Peele, J.D., Ph.D.’s Addiction Website: A non-medical approach to addiction, and an alternative to the AA model