Psychotherapy to the Core

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unchanged since 2010.
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· Inspiring passages for the examined life
The Invitation
The Way of Transformation
Follow Your Heart
A Return to Love

· Poems by Rumi, 13th-century Sufi Poet
Today, Like Every Other Day
Who Makes These Changes?
Acts of Helplessness

· Various Quotes
We dance around. . . and suppose
We make trifles of terrors
Troubles half seen do torture
Softness triumphs over hardness

· Website Links and Documents

· Books & Articles
Men’s Issues
Spirituality, Philosophy, Existentialism
Body-Centered Psychology
Critiques of Psychology & Psychiatry

· Films on Trauma and Existentialism
Man Facing Southeast
Another Woman
Ordinary People
Razor's Edge
Harold and Maude
Pink Floyd: The Wall